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Tiboyz VIP Program
Tiboyz is an online store working, we only sell unique designs. everyone can find his favorite unique design on our site, and don’t need to pay that much. We believe what we are doing now will change the traditional fashion world.

Tiboyz VIP Program is launched to involve more fashion lovers to share this passion and new idea to more people, and also make more money, what a win-win program!
Join Tiboyz VIP Program, buy more, and save more! share more, and earn more! VIP points can be obtained through shopping, registration, and sharing invitation three ways to get.
1. Through shopping: 1$=1points,
2. Registration: New user registration can get 10 points
3. Sharing invitation: by pinerest, twitter, and Facebook share at the same time to get 15 points , 5 points for sharing on a single platform,and the inviter and the invitee can get a discount coupon 15% which can be used for platform consumption

The platform will set up a point redemption module, users can enter to redeem, the redemption rules:
1.15 points can be exchanged for $1 (no minimum consumption);
2.25 points can be exchanged for $2 (no minimum consumption)
3.50 points can get $5 (no minimum consumption)
4.100 points can be exchanged for $15(Spend over $30)

How to become a VIP member? No minimum consumption is required to join the program ! Only two steps and you will get the VIP membership: Step 1: Make an order successfully. Step 2: Enjoy VIP privileges on your very next order.

Notes: If a refund is requested, the membership points will not be restored! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service. Email: <> Tiboyz reserves all rights to judgment in the event of disputes under the VIP membership rules.


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