COVID-19 Updates

Dear customer,

Due to the intensification of COVID-19, which affects the supply of raw materials, factory production capacity and logistics, it may take longer than usual for your package to reach your destination country/region, but we will work hard to find a solution and deliver it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, to thank you for your trust and support to Tiboyz, we will offer you an extra 15%off coupon for your next purchase.Coupon code will be sent to your email address.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to everyone fighting this battle. We encourage you to stay home, be safe, and remain positive!

Here are some tips to reduce the spread of the virus:

1. Minimize outdoor activities, wear a mask when you go out, and put disposable masks into plastic bags and put them in the trash when you get home, and wash your hands immediately and thoroughly.

2. Enhance awareness of hygiene and health, exercise in moderation, sleep early and wake up early, and improve your immune system.

4. Maintain good personal hygiene habits, use tissues or cover your nose and mouth with your elbows and clothes when coughing or sneezing, and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap in running water).

5. Open windows more often and keep your room clean and hygienic, and pay attention to avoid catching a cold due to the big difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor.

6. Avoid contact with wild animals, especially do not eat wild animals.

7. Adhere to safe eating habits, cook meat and eggs thoroughly, separate raw and cooked kitchen utensils, and disinfect dishes with boiling or steam frequently.

8. Pay close attention to symptoms such as fever and cough, and seek medical attention as soon as possible when such symptoms appear.

-The Tiboyz Team